Taller organitzat per Black Tulip amb Silvia Maglioni y Graeme Thomson.

Entre el 15 i el 17 de novembre del 2013 tindrà lloc a l’ ESPAI PRACTICO un taller amb Silvia Maglioni i Graeme Thomson.

L’horari serà de 16h a 20h el divendres 15 i de 10 a 14h el dissabte i el diumenge.

El taller s’impartirà en anglès i tindrà un preu simbòlic de 15 euros que serviran com a materials per al seminari. El pagament es farà presencialment el primer dia de taller.

Per inscriure’s enviar un e-mail de motivació de 5 línies a blcktlp@gmail.com. La plaça per al taller es confirmarà amb una setmana d’antelació. Tindran prioritat les persones que hagin assistit a alguna de les activitats del projecte Art i ciència ficció: estratègies de potencialitat.



UIQ in Love, a Love of UIQ

Between Translation and Transduction

In this workshop we would like to consider Félix Guattari’s sci-fi screenplay Un Amour d’UIQ as an unstable, potential entity whose being and becoming must be negotiated through an ongoing process of translation and transduction. Taking as our starting point Pasolini’s essay on the unfilmed screenplay as a ‘structure that wants to become another structure’, we will look at ways in which the subject of Un Amour d’UIQ folds upon the problematics of the script’s own desire to become a film. In Guattari’s script an invisible alien force from a parallel dimension – the Infra-quark Universe – makes contact with a group of humans and begins to desire a communicable form (a face, a body) for itself, commensurate with the world of its hosts.
Among our desired aims would be to ‘produce’ multiple versions of this becoming-film collectively through a process of contamination/contagion, to translate/transduce the script’s DNA into mental images, descriptions of which will constitute the components of a virtual ‘screening’ of the film in progress. This work will inevitably touch upon the delicate matter of the rewrites and revisions to which any screenplay taken up by a producer is exposed, but which in this case is countered by the
claims of Guattari’s corpus. The translation/transduction of the script will additionally involve looking at potential transpositions of its temporality (the 1980s) together with its cultural, political and linguistic context, in relation to the transducers and their fabulated histories or futures.

Graeme Thomson & Silvia Maglioni
Graeme Thomson & Silvia Maglioni are Paris-based filmmakers whose work interrogates potential forms emerging from the ruins of the moving image and whose practice also includes the creation of photo-essays, sound and videoinstallations, lecture-performances, eventworks, radio shows, tube-tracts and books. Their first feature film, Facs of Life (2009), draws on encounters with a number of former students of Gilles Deleuze, navigating between the terrains of documentary, fiction and essay to explore aspects of Deleuze’s philosophical legacy. In Search of UIQ (2013) unfolds the story of Félix Guattari’s lost science-fiction screenplay, Un Amour d’UIQ, through a series of fabulations and spectral re-enactcments, also considering its rapport with key social and political transformations of our time from autonomist struggles to the digital recoding of life. The duo are currently working on a new film project, Disappear One, which sifts through the filmic and literary wreckage of a fatal Transatlantic crossing.     http://cargocollective.com/terminal-beach


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